Ghost S1 vs FormD T1

Was fortunate enough to get my hands on both of these cases. I put them head-to-head to see which is the winner in quality, design, and thermals.

Video Review

Thermal Testing Methodology

I wanted to answer the following questions:

  • How do the 3080 FE and Ryzen 5 3600 perform in the Ghost S1 vs Formd T1?
  • Are M.2, VRAM, VRM, and chipset any different? This would help answer how much hot air remains trapped inside the case.
  • Do two 25mm thick top exhaust fans vs 1 bottom exhaust fan make a difference? Around 1300 RPM, the noise difference between 1 and 2 exhaust fans is negligible, so I have no problem with two fans vs one. In addition, the sound profile from a thicker fan is much more pleasant.

The goal here is to control for as many variables as possible and only allow internal component temperatures to be the test variables. So I fixed all fan RPMs between each test and kept the AC at the same temperature between tests.

  • CPU fan at 100% RPM
  • GPU fan at 65% RPM
  • Exhaust fan(s) at 70% RPM
  • Ambient temperature at 77F

While this is a touch on the loud side, this represents fan RPMs one can expect while gaming, video editing, or running machine learning workloads. I used Cinebench and Superposition to represent quick bursts of hardware usage, and I used a combination of Prime95 and Heaven 4.0 in a loop together for 10-minutes to represent a sustained load.

HWiNFO64 was used to log all benchmarks which take temperature readings of all sensors in the computer at a fixed interval (I set mine to every 2 seconds) and spits them out in to a CSV.

Tests were run twice to ensure reproducibility, as modern hardware is a bit unpredictable with voltages sometimes.

I definitely got the answer to all my questions, and this validated which case is thermally a better performer. Watch the video to find out!